An overview of the award categories

In close cooperation with science, award winners and the Health Media Award e.V. , a binding value codex was formulated when creating the award categories. These ethical principles and guidelines underpin the seriousness of the competition. They have been checked and published in advance by a board of trustees. The aim was to focus on a few categories in the award announcement.

Award Categories „Classic“

Category “B2C Campaign”, international & national
Exceptional holistic communication campaigns for companies/products from the healthcare sector (focus: communication mix).

Category “B2B Campaign”, national
Outstanding communication campaigns for companies/products from the healthcare sector (focus: target group focus).

Category “Classic Advertising
Awards are given for advertising campaigns (ads, posters, brochures, TV spots, radio, PoS).

Award categories “Innovative”

Category „Best Branding“
Honors, for example, outstanding corporate projects or packaging in healthcare communication.

Category „Communication 4.0“
Honors innovative communication concepts as well as new communication methods (social media campaigns and initiatives, YouTubing, podcasts & content marketing).

Category „Digital Health“ (Innovation Award)
Honors companies that have developed apps, voice assistants & software, virtual reality & AIs or similar to improve processes in healthcare communication.

Award Categories “Specials”

The COVID 19 pandemic is shaping the Special categories in 2021: McDonalds collaboration at EDEKA, #stayathome campaigns, vaccination campaigns or private good deeds: Many things should be honored. Possibly also a new drug or a vaccination with communication relevance.

Special category “Social Commitment” (celebrity award).
Honors non-profit organizations or private individuals for social commitment in the field of healthcare or/and honors a socially oriented non-profit campaign in the field of healthcare/prevention (education, equality).

Special Category “Support Project” (Student Award)
Honors student projects in the field of healthcare (grant money).

Special Category “Life‘s work”
Honors many years of commitment in the field of health promotion and communication.

Special Category “Art”
Honors national and international art projects related to a current social issue (e.g. pandemic).

Special Category “NGO”
Honors only international organizations with transnational commitment to health communication.

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