1LIVE/WDR has been awarded with the Health Media Award

The digital communication concept as well as the support for music industry and young listeners stood out.

The 21st awarding of 1LIVE Krone took place in this year, despite the current situation! In recent months, cultural life has inevitably changed a lot, concerts, festivals and shows had to be canceled, and the everyday life of 1LIVE listeners was turned upside down. In the current situation in particular, it was important for the editorial team to honor the artists for their work to enable the fans to vote on their favorite stars and to interact with them, despite all the restrictions .

1LIVE dedicated a whole day the Krone in this years show. The award was produced on November 21, 2020 as a cross-media show. In WDR studios in Cologne-Bocklemünd the awarding of the Krone, concerts, talks and comedy sessions took place in several studios at the same time. Everything was broadcast live on the radio and streamed, allowing listeners to interact in different ways. A summary of all daily highlights of the 1LIVE Krone 2020 was broadcast on WDR television at the end of the day.

„The music industry, in particular, has been hit hard by the Corona crisis. It mainly affects those who work in the background, but without them the artists could not produce their music, their tours, their recordings. Therefore it was a matter of course, to make 1LIVE-Krone happen in this disastrous year. We want to set an example in special times, as without art and music we would all be a lot poorer.“

Jochen Rausch, 1LIVE-Wellenchef, about Krone 2020

The handover of the Health:Angel will be postponed to 2021 due to the current situation.

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