Actress Liz Baffoe, Ben Streubel/SWR3-LiveLyrix awarded

Health Media Award for healthy communikation.

While other competitions are paused, the Health Media Award will also be presented this year. The “Oscar” in health communication is not exlusively awarded to companies, agencies and associations, but also to celebrities who made themselves known in health communication. By awarding actress Liz Baffoe and Moderator Ben Streubel the jury recognised personalities who combine health communication with a private story.

The actress and fashion designer Liz Baffoe uses her fame to raise awareness of health and fitness. The free “Training with Liz & Ben” has become one of the most popular online training courses in Germany. „Training mit Liz & Ben“ is run by Personaltrainer Ben Schneider from „NAO-PT“. Sport and exercise are not only gaining importance in a home office but are generally of great importance for a healthy life. Not only the concept of the training was convincing, but also the marketing via social media channels. Liz Baffoe reaches more than 73,400 followers via Instagram and triggers numerous interactions with each of her posts. You can find the award winner also on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Liz Baffoe, known for the television series “Schloss Einstein” and the SWR3 LiveLyrix Tour comments:

„First of all, I would like to thank you very much for awarding me the Health Media Award 2020! I am delighted from the bottom of my heart. I would also like to thank my personal trainer Ben Schneider from NAO PT and Ben Streubel, who made a lot possible. This year, in particular, it became clear again how important health, nutrition and mindfulness are for all of us.“

The jury also awarded Ben Streubel, moderator of the Entertainment format „SWR3-LiveLyrix“. Last but not least, the messages and stories of the lyrics, staged and acted on stage, convey health issues. Impressive for example – the way a songwriter explains how his life changed after overcoming cancer. With topics ranging from suicidal thoughts (Hurts – Wonderful life) to drug problems (Pink Floyd – Comfortably numb) to life-affirming positive songs, an SWR3 Live Lyrix evening is always an important “wellness for the soul”.

„Sometimes the tie between the favorite hit and the linked text message is the extra bit that triggers perception”, according to Ben Streubel. This proves why the live format deserves a Health Media Award. Moderator Ben Streubel states: „It is a great award for the whole team and an important – so far rarely expressed – indication that a SWR3 LiveLyrix evening can change a whole life by its findings.“

The Health Media Award has been awarded for 12 years. Year after year, the competition honors the best communication services within the healthcare industry. While an award ceremony with hundreds of guests, including many celebrities, has been held in recent years, this year the award will be presented without a major gala. As in previous years, the award is a sculpture by the Italian artist Massimo Bramandi. The handover of the Health:Angel is planned in the cathedral city in 2021 after the corona pandemic has been contained.

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