Burkhard Mohr is awarded an Health:Angel – caricatures as a contribution to health communication

Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte. Das gilt auch für die Zeichnungen des politischen Karikaturisten Burkhard Mohr. Seine Zeichnungen erscheinen in Tageszeitungen, Magazinen und Büchern und vermitteln ernste Themen auf humorvolle Art. Über vier Jahrzehnte hat Burkhard Mohr sich mit seinem konstruktiv kritischen Blick auf die Gesellschaft einen Namen gemacht und durch seine Zeichnungen rund um die Corona-Pandemie auch das Thema „Gesundheit“ für sich entdeckt. Für seine gelungenen Werke wird der in Königswinter ansässige Karikaturist und Bildhauer mit dem Health:Angel in der speziellen Kategorie “COVID-19 International & National” ausgezeichnet.

In many of his current drawings, Mohr takes up aspects of the Corona crisis. It is not only about political issues and personalities, but also about the everyday life of readers – from skiing holidays to the mask requirement and the question of vaccination. His drawings make readers smile – but also think. Health communication in the form of caricatures is a relevant and wide-reaching format. His work can be seen in national media, regional newspapers and in a book every two years.

„For me as a cartoonist, it was and is a challenge to create a punch line from the overload of information on measures, rules, speculations, protests and discussions. I asked myself this question again and again: What is the most absurd about the absurd situation that I can use Symbolisation? Or: How can I turn corona into a funny one without being disrespectful?“,

this is how the winner describes the special challenge of the Corona crisis for himself as a cartoonist.

„But if we, as satirical Illustrators, make the viewer’s laughter stick in their throat, make them scratch themselves, then the ‘itchy powder’ of the caricature has an effect. Because haunting images, as we all know, touch the senses much more than words“,

This is the assessment of the artist, who is also active as a sculptor, creating politician busts from forged iron, and who is involved in the “Christmas light” campaign for needy seniors in Bonn.

The Health Media Award has been awarded for outstanding health communication for many years. It consists of a sculpture, the Health:Angel by the Italian artist Massimo Bramandi. In the past few years, the prize has not only been awarded to companies and agencies in the healthcare industry, but also to celebrities such as Barbara Schöneberger/medi, Ranga Yogeschwar and Dieter Nuhr or Klaus Meine (“Scorpions”).

Due to the Corona crisis, it’s currently unclear, weather the handover of the Health:Angel to Burkhard Mohr is possible before Christmas.

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