Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation awarded Health:Angel

The award has been given for outstanding health communication for many years. In the case of the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation the endowed professorship and funding of the corresponding master's program "Global Health Risk Management & Hygiene Policies" are particularly noteworthy. The Corona crisis clearly demonstrates to all of us that increasing global trade and travel accelerates the spread of health hazards across borders of countries and continents. But it hits people in developing countries particularly hard. That's why experts in global health protection are in particularly high demand. For the past three years, young people from predominantly "low-income" countries have been able to take the master's program "Global Health Risk Management & Hygiene Policies" thanks to funding from the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation, which is run by the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn, the University Hospital Bonn (UKB) and in cooperation with the Bonn-based UN University.

"The core idea is that Bonn, as a UN and science city with its diverse university and non-university expertise, is predestined to further educate international professionally experienced students for public health, which is notoriously neglected, and to do so with regard to cross-border issues. Indeed, the Covid 19 crisis illustrates to us that we need to look at and address disease control across borders. We are delighted to have young people from all over the world trained here, who will be able to contribute their newly acquired expertise to the protection and improvement of health worldwide," says program director Prof. Walter Bruchhausen, explaining the concept.

Dr. Reinhard Schneider, Chairman of the Board of the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation emphasizes:

"The Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation supports the Global Health professorship and study program as an applied and highly topical field of medical research that has not received sufficient attention to date. Through global reference and promotion of health science expertise, our foundation supports young people in helping to shape improved hygiene care and standards in their countries of origin."

The Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation continues the charitable legacy of the former HARIBO co-owner with the aim of supporting and sustainably accompanying young people in shaping the future. Promoting the education of young people who are willing to learn and perform - especially in the STEM fields, which also form the foundation for medicine - is the outstanding purpose of the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation. In recent years, the Health Media Award has gone to companies, initiatives and agencies in the healthcare and communications industry, such as. "Unforgettable - Our Choir for People with Dementia" (TOWER PRODUCTION/ZDF/Anette Frier), ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Foundation for Accident Victims with Damage to the Central Nervous System, TATORT doctor Joe Bausch ("KNAST"), Doctors Without Borders, KLITSCHKO VENTURES, virologist Hendrik Streeck, the Lobby Restaurant/HÖHNER, 1to1 Concerts, Liz Baffoe, Ben Streubel/SWR3 Lyrix and many more.

When the Health:Angel can be handed over in Bonn is yet to be announced.


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