Health:Angel for Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation

The award has been presented for outstanding health communication for many years. In the case of the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation, particular mention should be made of the endowed professorship and sponsorship of the corresponding master’s degree program in “Global Health Risk Management & Hygiene Policies”. The Corona crisis clearly demonstrates to all of us that increasing global trade and travel accelerates the spread of health hazards beyond the borders of countries and continents. But it hits people in developing countries particularly hard. That’s why experts in global health protection are in particularly high demand. For the past three years, young people from predominantly “low-income” countries have been able to enroll in the master’s program “Global Health Risk Management & Hygiene Policies” thanks to funding from the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation. The program is sponsored by the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn, the University Hospital Bonn (UKB) and in cooperation with the Bonn-based UN University.

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