Health:Angel for “Hotspot – Living with the new coronavirus”.

A global challenge: The first major outbreak of COVID-19 in Germany offered an incredible opportunity. Because what happened in Heinsberg would soon happen everywhere. For Hendrik Streeck, it was therefore clear that one could not stand idly by and watch the infection unfold. Rather, he asked himself: What can we do to help fight the virus, to contain its spread? He found answers to this question during his study in Gangelt in the district of Heinsberg, because at that time there was such a density of infected people there as nowhere else in Germany, and since public life there had largely come to a standstill, it was easy to follow the course of the infection. This provided a unique opportunity to generate short- and long-term knowledge on many levels in order to better assess the novel virus and the pandemic: How did the virus spread, what was the extent of the infection? What about immunity? And what did this virus do to people, what were the symptoms, and how did the immune system react? His book “Hotspot” offers an exciting insight into current research and at the same time provides the latest findings on Sars-CoV-2 and the pandemic.

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