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Health:Angel for Klitschko Ventures

Long before the end of his successful boxing career, Dr. Wladimir Klitschko prepared the transfer of expertise from 30 years of competitive sports. Among other things, he is the founder of the Hamburg-based Klitschko Ventures GmbH. The company develops coaching formats and products for individuals and accompanies change projects of companies and organizations based on his method FACE the Challenge under the leadership of CEO Tatjana Kiel. The method is part of its mission to make willpower – the most powerful force in life and business – accessible to all. Among other things, Klitschko Ventures 2020 has sustainably supported the transformation process of the business customer division of Deutsche Telekom AG in the acute pandemic situation. With the digital Corona Guide, it was possible to set new standards in communication with employees and teams in order to remain physically and mentally flexible in the challenging situation. For this communicative achievement, Klitschko Ventures GmbH has now been awarded a Health:Angel for outstanding health communication.

The FACE The Challenge method with its four pillars Focus, Agility, Coordination and Endurance guides the development of one’s own willpower and provided the employees of the business customer division with advice & tips in the Corona Guide for the time spent in the home office as well as for successful virtual collaboration and lasting social cohesion in the team. As a result, the Corona Guide is deserving of the 2021 Health Media Award in the “Digital Health” category.

“The award is a wonderful confirmation for the whole team of Klitschko Ventures, because it was understood that the human being has to be in the center of every change project”,

Tatjana Kiel, CEO of Klitschko Ventures, is pleased.

“This spurs us on to continue on this path of developing individual solutions for our partners based on the FACE method.”

Dr. Wladimir Klitschko is also pleased:

“The fight against Corona goes many rounds. I am very happy about the Health:Angel award for my team, because together with the partner a challenge was identified and implemented in a communicative and solution-oriented way.”

The Health:Angel, consists of a sculpture by the Italian artist Massimo Bramandi from Florence and is donated by the Health Media Award e.V.. Among the winners of the last years belonged among other things the DFB/Initiative #Draussen muss drin sein, the Queen Silvia Nursing Award/Swedish Care International and physicians without borders.

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