HMA Award Winners 2011

Under the patronage of the Deutsche Gesundheitshilfe e.V. (German Health Aid Association), the best achievements in the field of health communication were honoured in Cologne. With great excitement, almost 200 guests in the VIP area of the RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne followed the award night moderated by ex-WISO journalist Michael Jungblut. Prof. Dr. Werner L. Mang, Germany’s best-known plastic surgeon, was honoured for his life’s work. Walter Kohl, son of former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, received the Courage-Health:Angel for his autobiographical book Live or be lived.

Good entertainment was provided by the Steptokokken with a plaster search, comedian Christian Schiffer and Dieter Nuhr with a video message.

The Health:Angels in the main categories were won by:

  • BARMER GEK (gesundheit-konkret)
  • Medical Tribune Verlagsgesellschaft mbH (Relaunch
  • RheinEnergie AG (Discovering Hands - Breast Cancer Prevention)
  • Danube University Krems (
  • cyperfection gmbh (Innovative clinic marketing of SRH Holding)
  • Bergische Welle (
  • rogalla pr / Brandenburgische BKK (ZEST communication with passion)
  • Teva Pharma / Sanofi-Aventis (COPAKTIV method case)
  • swissprofessionalmedia AG (Relaunch Medical Tribunepublic)
  • Classified information "PAVK
  • Institut Straumann AG (illustration model for patient education)
  • Dieter Nuhr (Comedy-Health:Angel)
  • Hausengel Betreuungsdienstleistungen GmbH (Integrated communication concept)
  • L & D GmbH (L & D +punkt)
  • German Children's Dermatology Foundation / Sky du Mont (Internet concept)
  • KBA Krankentransporte, Behinderten- und Altenhilfe e.V. (Emergency Medical Service Helicopter System)
  • DAK Gesundheit (Dance-Contest - Move your life!)
  • Sanitätshaus Aktuell AG / 12QUADRAT GmbH / medi GmbH & Co. KG (Running Moves - The fit & healthy campaign)
  • medical experts online GmbH & Co. KG (medperts - medical experts online: The knowledge and exchange platform for anesthesiologists, surgeons, and intensive care physicians).
  • Dr. Mark Ludwig / Dr. Christoph Bertling - German Sport University Cologne (Puckelino - The Ice Hockey Magazine for Children)
  • Prof. Dr. med. Enrico Edinger Doktor Nauk* (Doctor of Science)* VEKK-Moscow (Project from Space to Practice)
  • Kati Rausch (special category: "Best Comedy Health Award")
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