The Health:Angel was first awarded in 2008. To mark its 10th anniversary, the prize has been organized by the registered association Health Media Award based in Cologne. The characteristics of the award can be summarized as follows: Brushed steel, cast in the fire by the artist Massimo Bramandi in sweaty work, weighing 2 kg or 5 kg, meets the toughest competition in the health community.


The artist

History of the origin of the Health:Angel: After in-depth documentation, it emerged that in the Catholic religion the health angel is embodied by the archangel Raffaele. ("Redeem God"). He is mentioned extensively in the Book of Tobias and portrayed as a healer. In fact, the archangel plays an essential role as the healer of Tobias' father, who was cured of blindness with the help of fish bile. These elements have inspired the artist to develop a contemporary work that draws on deep historical and cultural origins. Massimo Bramandi decided to use wings as a characteristic element for an archangel. To complete the work, he introduced the fish as a symbol of healing.

During the production of the award, the question arose as to which material would be best suited for the Health:Angel. First requirement: The Health:Angel polarizes and presents itself strongly. Second requirement: The figure must be able to withstand the global challenges of health communication, be an eye-catcher and at the same time reflect the toughness and requirements of the "Health Media Award" competition. All in all, Bramandi decided to cast the Health:Angel from hot, liquid steel. Further processing is then carried out by hand using a process known as brushing, so that the surface of the Health:Angel can be given a structure that hints at the diversity of health communication.

Massimo Bramandi
Gianfranco Vissani
Museo Benozzo Gozzoli
Philippe Daverio
Vittorio Sgarbi
Alfonso Signorini

By decision of the Grand Jury, honorary Health:Angels were awarded from 2013 to 2016 for the German AIDS Foundation, OneDollarGlasses and Doctors without borders awarded. For the José Carreras Foundation was created in 2015 by the artist Maria Hill created a special edition of the honorary award.

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