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The “Oscar” of health communication
Health:Angel for the choir for people with dementia
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Health:Angel presented to the University of California San Diego
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Health:Angel presented to the University of California San Diego
Health:Angel presented to the University of California San Diego
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The “Oscar” of health communication

The Health:Angel has been sponsored by the registered association Health Media Award, based in Cologne, since 2018. In a special category (“Honorary Health:Angel”), non-profit organisations or prominent supporters are awarded for their social, media-effective commitment to health communication.

Voices / Opinions

Adel Tawil

ZNS – Hannelore Kohl FOUNDATION

„That we, the Hannelore Kohl Foundation, have been awarded a Health:Angel makes us very proud.“

Melanie Huml

Minister of State for European Affairs and International Affairs

“It is important to me to offer serious topics a professional podium that extends beyond the usual structures.”

Wolfgang Bosbach


“It has not only been true since Corona: the best arguments and the most important messages remain ineffective if they are not communicated convincingly. Therefore: use clear language, lecture less and explain more!”

Jürgen Koenen

Creative Consultant, Cornwall (UK)

“For me it has been a great honour and special task to create the HMA’s internet presence and to accompany it through the event.”

Ronny Zimmermann

DFB ViCE prEsident fOR YOUTH FOOTBALL And Refereeing

“The Health Media Award makes us very happy and confirms the positive response we have received from amateur clubs for the “Draußen muss drin” campaign. At the same time, it is an incentive for us not to let up.”

Sophie Lu-Axelsson

CEO at Swedish Care International

"For the Queen Silvia Nursing Award it's an absolute pleasure to be here."

Viktor Elbling

German Ambassador in Rom

“Without art, everything becomes silent. And we need art and music especially now in Covid times. The 1:1 concerts are corona-safe live music islands. We are happy to be able to enjoy these moments together with the Roman citizens.”

Harald Schmidt

German Depression Aid Foundation

“My impression is that the understanding of depression has already grown in recent years. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of need for education. The Health Media Award helps to further publicise our foundation’s work.”

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Categories and jury scientifically evaluated

COVID-19 has also changed the way health issues are communicated worldwide. To take this development into account, an international network of award winners, evaluation and content partners is currently being established.


Impressions from the Award Shows 2008 – 2019

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