Felix Neureuther receives the Health:Angel®.

Presentation of prizes at the "2nd Felix & Friends Invitational" golf tournament Another Health:Angel® goes to the team at lübMEDIA GmbH in Munich.

Munich, July 28, 2022 - Former top ski racer Felix Neureuther today received the Health:Angel® for his social commitment in the field of health communication. The award was presented during the charity golf event "2nd Felix & Friends Invitational" at the Beuerberg Golf Club. Also awarded the "Oscar" for health communication was lübMEDIA GmbH, which has been successfully implementing and communicating numerous social health projects for years.

As part of the charity golf event "Felix & Friends Invitational" at Golfclub Beuerberg e.V., which was held for the second time, Felix Neureuther received the "Health:Angel"® award, which has been presented by the registered association Health Media Award® since 2018. This award recognizes non-profit organizations or celebrity supporters for their social, media commitment to health communication. A total of around 400 award winners have already been honored with the Health:Angel®, including the World Health Organization (WHO), Doctors Without Borders, #ichrettedeinleben, Prof. Dr. Jens Scholz/Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Klaus Meine from the Scorpions, actress Liz Baffoe, Ludvig Andersson/ Svana Gisla (ABBA Voyage), Ben Streubel/SWR3 Lyrics and ZDF/Annette Frier ("Unforgettable - Our Choir for People with Dementia").

"Health issues are of great importance, especially for young people. Felix Neureuther is making an important contribution to prevention with his foundation and his "Beweg dich schlau!" program. He has found a way to teach children and young people the joy of exercise and to encourage them to do more sport in their everyday lives. This lays the foundation for a health-oriented lifestyle."

said Grand Jury President Tony Westwood, explaining the award.

"Thank you for this award, which not only recognizes our tireless work, but also contributes to the visibility of our foundation's goals. With the "Beweg dich schlau!" program, we want to give children and young people the skills and tools to shape their lives in a healthy, active and self-effective way right from the start."

Felix Neureuther says thank you.

Another Health:Angel® was presented to the team at lübMEDIA GmbH. The communications agency in Munich has been involved in health communication for many years and has already initiated numerous social health programs and networks, including United Kids Foundations, fit4future, Beweg dich schlau!  yoursport.com and step. More information: www.luebmedia.com

"Robert Lübenoff and the team at lübMEDIA GmbH made the communicative success possible through the professional development and implementation of the communication strategy. The jury was particularly impressed that the agency has been committed to young people for many years, always developing new ideas for charity projects and successfully implementing them with its creative team." 

Westwood explains the award. The award was accepted by lübMEDIA Managing Director Robert Lübenoff:

"I am very pleased to receive this award and proud to work with my great team to initiate and implement groundbreaking projects that change the lives of countless people for the better."

Image source: Brauer Photos / Juri Reetz

Event management "Felix & Friends Invitational
Alexander Lübenoff
Sylvensteinstraße 2
81369 Munich
Tel.: 089 / 74 66 14 50
Email: info@bewegdichschlau.com

Contact for press:
Bärbel Mees
Sylvensteinstraße 2
81369 Munich
Tel.: 089 / 74 66 14 75
Email: baerbel.mees@luebmedia.com

Felix Neureuther Foundation
The Felix Neureuther Foundation was established in 2020 with the aim of making an active contribution, taking responsibility and contributing to a healthier and more sustainable world. The focus is on supporting children and young people. With the exercise program "Beweg dich schlau! mit Felix Neureuther", the foundation for a health-oriented lifestyle is already laid in childhood. In addition, the foundation is committed to conveying the values of health, nature, family, humanity and sustainability. More information: https://www.felix-neureuther-stiftung.de 

Health Media Award®
The Health Media Award competition was initiated in 2008 in the context of trendforum Gesundheitskommunikation. The brushed steel prize, the Health:Angel, created by artist Massimo Bramandi, has been sponsored by the registered association Health Media Award since 2018. Meanwhile, more than 400 award winners could be honored for their excellent work and commitment in the field of health communication. More information: https://www.healthmediaaward.com/news

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