Salto mortale: Circus Roncalli receives Health:Angel

With his shows, the company founded by Bernhard Paul entertains Circus Roncalli its visitors for 45 years. But it's not just the artistic side of things that the circus company always comes up with something special. The jury of the Health Media Award for outstanding health communication has therefore awarded Circus Roncalli the Health:Angel in the category "Social Commitment (national)". The innovative further development of the circus, both in terms of visitor catering and the health management offer for its own employees, was recognized just as much as the technical innovation of replacing live animals with impressive holograms. 

"I've been trying to do what I've done for almost 50 years. It wasn't always easy with the choices like animal-free circus - and not as someone who has imitated it, but as a pioneer - that's always harder. But it has paid off and the guests love it just as much. We have even more strength for the future and I'm very happy about that." 

commented circus founder Bernhard Paul on the award. Jury President Tony Westwood emphasized that Circus Roncalli has integrated the topics of health and sustainability into its concept in an exemplary manner and can thus be a model for the entire industry. This development benefits not only the visitors, who have been able to buy vegetarian and vegan food and healthy smoothies at a Roncalli-style street food truck for several years. The circus also has the health of its employees in mind. At every guest performance location, not only the artists but all employees have the opportunity to go to the gym free of charge and thus keep fit. The fact that the circus company has already taken the last animal act out of the program in 2018 and now shows animated animals in the form of holograms is another example of the company's innovative strength. The award of the Health:Angel by the independent jury recognizes the commitment of Circus Roncalli. The Health Media Award has been presented since 2008. The prize, in the form of a sculpture created especially for the competition by Italian artist Massimo Bramandi, honors outstanding health communication. An independent jury decides on the winners.

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