Due to COVID-19, the Live Award Night 2021 had to be canceled again. As in 2020, the competition was held digitally. Handover dates were planned, canceled, planned again, only to be canceled again. The "Italian Night" planned by Health:Angel artist Massimo Bramandi in Florence was banned at short notice by the Tuscan parliament with the introduction of a green infection pass. If the infection situation allowed it, the Health:Angel was presented to the winners in a small circle.

The Health:Angel 2021 at a glance:

  • University of California San Diego Health System / Prof. Dr. Christopher Longhurst
  • Auma Obama Foundation
  • Alzheimer Forschung Initiative e.V.
  • 1to1 Concerts / Franziska Ritter, Stephanie Winker and Christian Siegmund
  • MEDICE Arzneimittel Pütter GmbH & Co. KG / commercial “Meditonsin drops”
  • STARTPLATZ / Family Gräf Holding GmbH
  • #Outdoors must be in / Deutscher Fußball-Bund e.V. (DFB) / German Olympic Sports Confederation e.V. (DOSB), S.C. Berliner Amateure
  • German Depression Aid Foundation / Harald Schmidt
  • Hendrik Streeck / “Hotspot – Living with the new coronavirus”.
  • LoRe – LObby-Restaurant / Henning Krautmacher / Die HÖHNER
  • Lawrence Friedmann (1959-2021), postumous
  • Prof. Dr. Nikolay Tzvetkov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Sofia
  • Dr. Hans Riegel Stiftung / Global Health Bonn
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