1to1-Concerts – Award for a corona-suitable live format

When the 1to1 concert format was developed for the Thuringian chamber music festival “Summer Concerts Volkenroda” in June 2019, no one could have expected the worldwide Corona pandemic. This makes the musical intimacy between a musician and a listener all the more fitting for today. With each of the 1to1 concerts, donations are collected – to support freelance musicians who have lost their income and are existentially threatened by the corona-related cancellation of all concerts and performances. Now the 1to1-Concerts have been awarded the Health:Angel as an example of outstanding health communication in the category “Social Commitment”, as they make a valuable contribution to the preservation of the cultural landscape.

Franziska Ritter, Stephanie Winker and Christian Siegmund bring musicians and listeners together with the unusual concert format. In May 2020, the corona-suitable version started in Stuttgart together with the Stuttgart State Orchestra and the SWR Symphony Orchestra. The Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden, the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra and the Erfurt Theatre followed shortly afterwards. Since June, 1to1 concerts have also been held in Berlin, Dessau, Lübeck, closely followed by Osnabrück, Frankfurt/Main and many other German cities. Since then, the 1to1 CONCERTS have become positively viral across the globe: concerts have also been played in Spain, France, Australia, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, in India and Italy.

Viktor Elbling, German Ambassador in Rome comments:

“Without art, everything becomes silent. And we need art, music, especially now in COVID times. The 1:1 concerts are Corona safe islands of live music. We are happy to enjoy these moments together with the Roman citizens.”

The unusual venues (restaurants, shops, gyms, galleries and more) are provided by dedicated hosts. The only seat at each of the exclusive surprise concerts is reserved online. The concert begins with eye contact, for one minute both people look at each other in silence, creating a very special relationship. Then the musical part begins, with the professional musicians playing a piece of music not previously known to the guest. After about ten minutes, the musicians and guests part ways. Participation in the 1to1 concerts is always free of charge – but a donation is requested. Since musicians and hosts are volunteers, the donations go to where they are urgently needed – to cultural workers who have lost their livelihoods due to the pandemic.

Franziska Ritter, Stephanie Winker and Christian Siegmund:

“We are very happy about the Health Media Award! Corona has changed the arts and culture industry, banishing cultural life behind the screens. With our 1to1 Concerts initiative, we are creating artistic places of power and have sparked an unprecedented movement of giving and solidarity. To be touched musically is a universal need, especially in times of distance. The 1:1 Concerts bring people together in a mindful, musical encounter at eye level and strengthen the spiritual immune system. We would like to thank all participants and listeners who have raised over 100,000 euros for the German Orchestra Foundation’s emergency fund in the last 8 months, helping freelance artists through the pandemic.”

The Health:Angel has been awarded for outstanding health communication for many years. It consists of a sculpture by the Italian artist Massimo Bramandi. In recent years, the award has not only gone to companies and agencies in the healthcare industry, but also to organisations such as Doctors Without Borders, Frank Zander for his social commitment or Ben Streubel/Liz Baffoe for the SWR3 LiveLyrix. The award will be presented to the initiators of 1to1 Concerts after the Corona pandemic has been contained.

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