Anonymus-Health:Angel: Street artist Banksy is honored.

The British street artist Banksy is world-famous - although nobody knows his identity. While his graffiti initially appeared in Bristol and London, they have since been seen in many countries. The artist works with the tactics of communication guerrillas - and never ceases to amaze with relevant and socially critical motifs. Banksy's works are thought-provoking and always provide creative impetus. His painting "Game Changer" appeared in a hospital in Southampton in 2020. His work, of a young boy playing with a nurse, pays tribute to healthcare workers and was eventually donated to the National Health Service auctioned off for a good cause with record proceeds of 19.5 million euros. The picture of a damaged bicycle connected to a lamppost despite the missing rear wheel is also related to the topic of health. It was understood as an encouraging signal to the inhabitants of the city of Nottingham, which was particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic at the time. For his unconventional ideas - including those relating to health - and his appearance as an anonymous yet world-famous communication guerrilla, the jury of the Health Media Awards has now honored the artist with the Health:Angel Media in the Special category "Art" was awarded. The prize has been awarded for outstanding health communication for 15 years now and is sponsored by the Health Media Award e.V. in Cologne. When and to whom the award will be presented in 2024 is just as "unknown" as the artist himself. Further coordination with the agency COFO Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG will not take place until 2024.

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