Burkhard Mohr gets Health:Angel - Cartoons as a contribution to health communication

A picture is worth a thousand words. This also applies to the drawings of the political Cartoonist Burkhard Mohr. His drawings appear in daily newspapers, magazines and books and convey serious topics in a humorous way. Over four decades, Burkhard Mohr has made a name for himself with his constructively critical view of society and, through his drawings around the Corona pandemic, has also discovered the topic of "health" for himself. For his successful works, the Königswinter-based caricaturist and sculptor is awarded the Health:Angel in the special category of "COVID-19 International & National" excellent.

In many of his current drawings, Mohr takes up aspects of the Corona crisis. They are not only about political topics and personalities, but also about the everyday life of the readers, from skiing vacations to compulsory masks to the question of vaccines. With his drawings, he makes readers smile - but also makes them think. Health communication in the form of cartoons is a relevant and wide-reaching format. The award winner's works can be seen in nationwide media, regional newspapers and, every two years, in book form.

"For me as a cartoonist, it was and is a challenge to distill a punch line from the overload of information on measures, rules, speculations, protests and discussions. I was and still am confronted with the question: What is more than absurd about the absurd situation that I can symbolize? Or: How can I pull the Corona complex into the comic without being irreverent?",

the award winner describes the particular challenge of the Corona crisis to himself as a cartoonist.

"But when we as satirical illustrators succeed in making the viewers of our drawn commentaries stop laughing in their throats, making them scratch their heads, then the 'itching powder' of caricature takes effect. Because vivid images, as we all know, touch the senses much more strongly than words.",

is the assessment of the artist, who is also active as a sculptor with politician's brushes forged in iron and is involved in the "Christmas Light" campaign for needy senior citizens in Bonn.

The Health Media Award has been presented for outstanding health communication for many years. It consists of a sculpture, the Health:Angel by Italian artist Massimo Bramandi. In recent years, the award has gone not only to companies and agencies in the healthcare industry, but also to celebrities such as Barbara Schöneberger/medi, Ranga Yogeschwar and Dieter Nuhr, or Klaus Meine from the "Scorpions".

Whether the handover of the Health:Angel to Burkhard Mohr is possible before Christmas due to the Corona crisis is still being coordinated.

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