Health:Angel goes to "Dr. Glass

After the Queen Silvia Nurse Award (2019), three Swedish institutions have now been honored. Grand Jury President Tony Westwood presented the award in the category "Social Understanding" in the presence of the dramatis personae, the agency DVA Studio, the artist of Health:Angel, Massimo Bramandi and the founder of the award, Health Media Award e.V. Dr. Glas, a film and stage play based on a 1905 novel by Swedish writer Hjalmar Söderberg, tells the story of a doctor who sees his job as saving lives, and who nevertheless commits murder for love at a young age. A film of the same name was released in 1968. DVA Studios has developed a modern and innovative "Sound Walk App" that guides the audience individually through the drama and through the city of Stockholm to the original locations of the play. And it does so in the midst of our culturally barren Covid times. With the "sound walk app," interested parties can access cultural, health or social stories GPS-supported on their own smartphones. The narrator is actor Krister Henriksson, who became internationally famous for film adaptations of crime novels, especially those by Hennig Mankell, as Kurt Wallander. "Dr. Glas sound walk App" is about a terrible dilemma and is as valid and shocking today as it was in 1905 when it was written. The typically Swedish facet that life is not black or white, but holds many ambiguities that we must endure, is a plea for tolerance, even in our current pandemic conditions.

"It is a great honor for me that our audio project "Dr. Glass" was so well received by the initiators of the Health Media Award",

is pleased Bo Gustavsson, Creative Director of DVA Creative Technology Studiowhich initiated this project for its client "Dramaten".

"We wanted to create a perspective for art and culture in these difficult times„,

explains Peder Bjurman, Head of the Audio Guide. In his laudatory speech, jury president Tony Westwood emphasized that the theme of "Dr. Glass" is still "a poignant moral dilemma" today, a century later, and praised the concept of linking the play and its events to original settings while "ingeniously avoiding risk in the midst of the Corona pandemic."

Krister Henriksson, who has been active not only on television but also as a stage actor since 1972, is inextricably linked with the play "Dr. Glas". He was also honored by the jury of the Health Media Award.

"With characteristic intensity, he succeeds in awakening our empathy, empathy, and absolute disgust for characters like Dr. Glass, with all their ambiguity and complexity beyond our comfortable and readily available everyday clichés."

said the jury chairman. The Health:Angel has been awarded since 2008 in the form of a sculpture by Italian artist Massimo Bramandi for outstanding projects in the field of health communication.

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