Health:Angel without scratches? Body Beauty Bar presents new beauty community

Where others still have to suffer for beauty, the Body Beauty Bar new communicative paths in skin health. For the first time, an exclusive "CRAITH LAB EVENT" will take place at Holmes Place Cologne-Heumarkt. 

"The idea is to transport health from the inside out. It was important to me to focus all treatments in a relaxing atmosphere."

Lena Mareike Hofferbert, Founder Body Beauty Bar

Around 100 visitors accepted the invitation from the Body Beauty Bar and tested, for example, how well their skin barrier works or doesn't work.

"Every skin has its own story. I've been working as a beautician for over 35 years now and can tell straight away who has a damaged skin barrier. Based on the latest scientific developments in the fields of probiotics, epigenetics and cell regeneration, I want to make a lasting contribution to skin health". 

Silke Knopp, Sales Manager NRW at CRAITH LAB GmbH

"I can only agree with that. Self-care has always been an important part of my life since I decided to become a beautician in 2020. I want to pass on my inspiration and experience to my audience."

Julia Monro, Laserepilation & Skincare Cologne

"It's never too late, because I put stressed skin into absolute deep relaxation".

Lawrencia Amankwah, masseuse

The Grand Jury will keep an eye on the activities of Lena Hofferbert & Team.

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Photo: Matthias Janzen, Altenkirchen / Body Beauty Bar

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