#HonestyAboutEditing proposed for a Health:Angel

The campaign #HonestyAboutEditing, launched by successful banker Suzanne Samaka, is calling for a change to ensure that online content such as images or videos are labeled if they have been filtered or digitally edited. This will now be considered in detail by the Health:Angel jury, chaired by Tony Westwood.

"Not only for children, but also for adults, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recognize what is true and genuine in the digital world. This is not only a problem for the formation of political opinion, but also for personality development and mental health."

Tony Westwood, President of the Grand Jury

One of the reasons for this is that filtering and digital editing transform the apparent standard of beauty into something that is often unattainable. When someone doesn't meet this standard, it has an impact on their mental health. It is often assumed that this is a problem of teenage girls, but in reality it affects all genders and all ages. all ages.

"As someone who has experienced firsthand how many people compare themselves to others online, I believe it is my responsibility to help people realize that their appearance is really the least interesting thing about them."

Says Suzanne, activist and campaign manager for the campaign #HonestyAboutEditing. Suzanne Samaka has found fellow campaigners and people who can make a difference. An important step was when the campaign was mentioned as a good way forward during the last reading of the Online Safety Bill in the House of Lords. She will not give up her work until society is better protected from the "perfect" online world and its harmful effects on society.

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