ABBA Voyage Producer Team Nominated for Health:Angel

In the category Special Category “Art” international art projects related to a current social issue or a special achievement (e.g. during the pandemic) are also awarded.

"Svana Gisla and Ludvig Andersson proved that hard work pays off during hard times. Determinedly they pursued the art project with their team and thereby enabled the society to participate in a culturally unique event again. This is not and was not a given during COVID-19 and in times of war and climate change." Therefore, this performance really deserves the Health:Angel".

Tony Westwood justifies the award. The date for the presentation of the award in London is still being discussed with the communications agency. DawBell Ltd. coordinated. At the moment, the work capacity of all protagonists is too high, so priorities have to be set. In addition, the Grand Jury President Tony Westwood will be traveling in Australia for several months, which prevents reliable scheduling.

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