Grand jury president reaches Puerta Princesa with strong wife

Tony Westwood has been traveling in Asia with his wife for a good three weeks now. So much has happened in this short time. A short travel report before the onward journey to Bali:

Today we are traveling from the tiny fishing village of Bucana on the island of Palawan to the outskirts of the Philippines. The people (Filipinos) are so warm and helpful. Life could hardly be easier. You live in a hut on the beach and eat on the beach. Yesterday our host introduced me to his friend, a fisherman, and he took me to some of the nearby inaccessible beaches and small uninhabited islands. It was pretty rough there, he speared some small fish and cooked them on a charcoal fire in a tin can on his return. With chili sauce, too spicy for Siggi, who spent a quiet last day on the beach, even though we were in the "backpacker" category (cabin = €11.00 per day for both of us). In Port Barton it was more comfortable, more touristy. We stayed in a resort run by a German couple, Ekki and Tina, with whom we went on a private tour. We caught some good fish on one island, which our boatman Joseph later prepared for another, very private island. We are currently enjoying a relaxing day in Puerta Princesa before flying back to Manila.

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