"Into the Ice" awarded the Health:Angel

"My heart was beating like crazy. I almost couldn't walk because my legs were shaking too much. I was scared as hell, but there was also an immense curiosity: I want to go down there. I want to see what it looks like down there. What happens to the meltwater that flows into that hole."

Thus justifies filmmaker Lars Henrik Ostenfeld his documentary "Into the Ice". It is an expressive adventure on the Greenland ice sheet. The film is a great cinematic adventure on the Greenland ice sheet. At a depth of 180 meters, in a huge ice cave in the Greenland ice sheet, lies the answer to some of the greatest mysteries of climate science. Three of the world's leading glaciologists join director Ostenfeld on a sometimes dangerous expedition to find the answers. Because despite years of research, we still have no clear figures on how fast the ice is melting. In this Danish-German documentary Andreas Frege, called Campino, the frontman of the "Toten Hosen, the role of the narrator. The producer is Stefan Kloos, owner of the Kloos & Co. Media GmbH from Düsseldorf.

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